From cloud systems to edge compute assets, Code-X brings a post-quantum, multi-dimensional security solution to how companies secure data.

Data security has become the number one concern for all organizations that use cloud or hybrid cloud models. Multiple products address cloud misconfigurations to help prevent a data breach from occurring. Code-X approaches the problem in a wholly unique way by completely removing the impact of a cloud misconfiguration.

Rather than monitoring for a misconfiguration and mitigating a data breach after it occurs, Code-X nullifies the impact of a data breach by our true zero-trust approach. By enabling Code-X on all of your AWS architecture, organizations will be able to accelerate cloud adoption without the fear of embarrassing data breaches and gain a new level of data integrity, without any impact to their mission critical system speed or availability.


An unparalleled level of data security

Code-X is excited to partner with AWS to provide an unparalleled level of data security that allows for data to securely traverse through trusted and untrusted networks, alike. Upon enabling Code-X through the AWS marketplace, our customers can use our multi-dimensional methodology to secure their data from the moment of data creation throughout the data life cycle. The fear of misconfigurations resulting in a data incident no longer represents a barrier to using AWS services. Code-X also provides our AWS customers with:

Quantum resilient communication leveraging our Network Watermark™ technology

80% reduction in data backup size

Provable data

Proactive & continually authenticated systems and processes using Intelligent Machine Authentication™

The combination of system, process and component information is employed to create our unique, continuously changing and irreplicable authentication tag called the Network Watermark. The Network Watermark utilized in an explicit authentication process ensures a device is continuously reverifying it authenticity, even for TCP reconnect, creating a true zero-trust environment across the enterprise.

Code-X enables secure and covert communications between all system and end-point devices, including global networks and cloud infrastructure. Code-X also enables large volumes of communications data to be rapidly routed, secured, and obfuscated, preventing analysis and cross-correlation. Code-X eliminates the adversary’s ability to detect specific data markers that indicate wireless and/or conventionally encrypted activity. This means no initiation of the Kill Chain; you are no longer an easy target. Employing Code-X disrupts adversary detection and analytics, ensuring our customers can communicate in contested and adversarial environments.


Multi-dimensional security fabric

The Code-X security fabric is comprised of five unique dimensions which are simultaneously deployed and continuously running. Each dimension brings its own unique layer of security, which have been elegantly combined to form a quantum resilient security solution.

Through our patented 5 dimensional approach to data security, Code-X has achieved a method to secure all forms of data communication through the most adverse networks. For an in-depth dive into each dimension:

Dimension #1


Fractionalization deconstructs and dissects data into equal and identical blocks, eliminating the correlation of both information and communication across the system, leaving nothing of perceivable value.
Dimension #2


Multipathing transmits and spreads the fractionalized data across several parallel connections with interleaving and other obfuscation techniques to defeat hacker tools.

Dimension #3

Network Watermarking™

Network Watermarking combines multiple identity factors to create a unique, non-replicable tag that the Code-X decision engine evaluates against all access requests.
Dimension #4

Intelligent Machine Authentication™

Intelligent Machine Authentication uses the Network Watermark as a certificate or token to identify transactions and transmissions, and continually re-validate identity and authority.

Dimension #5

Measurement of Change

Measurement of Change instantly detects when any system, process or data tampering is attempted, as it can see any anomaly in the integrated, protective puzzle created with Code-X.

Code-X has been included in over 8 funded projects through our partnership with the NSA and have a standing cooperative research and development agreement (CREDA) to further Code-X adoption in Federal Agencies.

The Challenge

The primary challenge that we have addressed for multiple Agencies is they must operate globally, heavily employing foreign cloud and communications infrastructure and devices. This introduces risks to sensitive operations due to network and cloud monitoring by adversaries in “contested” environments.

The Code-X Solution

The Code-X solution was installed on devices and throughout a cloud environment, foreign and
US-owned, allowing authenticated, obfuscated, and secure data and communications exchanges in “plain sight” of the adversary.


Our solution resulted in sensitive mission data and communications remaining undetected allowing customer secure operations on untrusted networks and communications channels. The Code-X solution, running on AWS, has successfully been proven to give our clients greatly increased capabilities in the field.


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Cyberattacks have grown in frequency and complexity. Data breaches are on the rise and simply trying to monitor configurations to prevent data leakage has proven to be less than effective.

Learn more about how Code-X can secure your data and eliminate the fear of misconfigurations from all your AWS deployments by scheduling a demo today. Or if you are ready to dive into the world of zero-trust architecture, please find us in the AWS marketplace to start your secure data journey today.