Confidence Amid Complexity

Clear the path to cloud adoption

The increasing capability and decreasing cost of current and emerging cloud, multi-cloud, and hybrid network environments has boosted the evolving nature of adversarial threats and highlighted the faults of current security. For years we have continued to secure our systems through an ever-increasing complexity of systems and hardware, resulting in an increased attack surface that simultaneously adds latency and burden on our systems.

The power of a high-efficiency engine

Code-X, a lightweight software engine smaller than most photo files, is an impermeable security solution that creates five unique dimensions, all working simultaneously. This capability and its simple implementation in all systems and endpoints ensures authentication and discrete communications throughout today’s systems, untrusted or adversarial, and renders malicious parties ineffective.

Simple, universal application

By adding the Code-X engine to any system, users will be able to take advantage of our proprietary multi-dimensional security solution to secure their ecosystem in a true zero-trust framework. As the security market continues to show massive adoption of the zero-trust framework, Code-X provides enterprise customers with capabilities currently not seen in the technology market. By using the Code-X solution, customers can enhance their cybersecurity posture by reducing vulnerabilities and applying advanced protection from the moment of data creation throughout its entire lifecycle.

Achieve full potential

The significant value of Intelligent Machine Authentication™ and the ability to rapidly provision the Code-X solution on any cloud platform makes it easier to securely expand services into new markets and/or geographies. Being able to extend enterprise cloud and hybrid cloud capabilities securely out to the edge is a critical capability for our customers and a key prerequisite for many to enhance and accelerate cloud adoption.  Coupled with the return-on-investment benefits that Code-X adds to current security infrastructure, a Code-X enabled enterprise is a compelling story that few customers can ignore.