Code-X’s lattice-based platform enables data security throughout any digital system

100% software

Integrates within any layer of your legacy system

Full lifecycle

Protects all systems, data at rest and in motion

Lightweight engine

Encrypts and protects data in any local, cloud or hybrid environment

Code-X is the data security company that simplifies how organizations protect the world’s most sensitive information and systems. Powered by proprietary lattice-based technology, Code-X delivers the industry’s first system and device-friendly platform that applies impermeable security from the moment of data creation throughout its entire lifecycle.


Code-X’s lattice-based, multi-dimensional security platform

Dimension #1

Fractionalization – Small block structuring for the elimination of all data beginning and end points throughout the entire system at rest and in motion

Dimension #2

Multipathing – The ability to create a multipath environment even across a single link

Dimension #3

Watermarking – A revolutionary information tagging and management component that eliminates all vulnerabilities from algorithmic based systems and keys

Dimension #4

Authentication – Ability to provide full transparency about who and what is inside of a system in real time

Dimension #5

Measurement of Change – Live hack and threat awareness capability


Is your data safe against the quantum threat?

Advances in technology and quantum computing have made it easier and cheaper for adversaries and hackers to attack the world’s most sensitive information, turning traditional security protocols obsolete.

Code-X offers the industry’s first and only lattice-based, multi-dimensional platform that is system-agnostic, providing protection from the moment of data creation throughout its entire life cycle.


Complete data and system protection

Code-X helps highly regulated organizations manage, authenticate, optimize and secure their most sensitive information and systems.

Organizations trust Code-X to:

Eliminate adversary’s ability to block, damage, steal or tamper with sensitive information

Ensure data and systems authentication with patented technology

Seamlessly integrate with existing infrastructure through a lightweight, system-agnostic solution

Optimize storage efficiency and significantly reduce costs of an IT system

with Code-X

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